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I own a Day Spa, so we do Spa services on location. Anti-Aging products will be available online and in the Spa... I wanted to create products that I like to use on my own skin, at an affordable price, that Really help aging skin. After recovering from stage IV breast cancer twice. I need to be especially careful, so I needed ingredients that would work for me.  And it will work for you too! 

  ‘Let’s turn it Back’



Gladys Allen age 57 owner and CEO of Amazing You Day Spa was born and raise in Los Angeles Ca. Move to the San Francisco Bay Area for college and then to SC. I lived in SC for over 20 years in different cities then moved to Florida. I am married 31 years and I have 1 daughter 30 years of age, a step son and daughter that I raised from very young ages. I also have 3 handsome grandson’s and the newest just turned 1.  I worked in sales for many years which was very stressful. When I turned 50 I decided I no longer wanted these types of stressful jobs. So, I quit my job went to school and opened a spa in Ormond Beach Fl. I have never been happier. Until I had my yearly physical and they told me I had Breast Cancer.I was diagnosed on October 15th 2015 with HER 2 positive stage IV. A very fast growing cancer, in which the doctor said will never be cured. I was devastated to say the least. The cancer had spread to my lungs, liver, lymph nodes, and bones. I am happy to say, I had a year cancer free. I received Over 10 Chemo treatments and was still very active and working. Unfortunately the cancer returned June of 2018, I refused chemo but did biological treatments. I took tons of supplements and meditation daily. Breathing and stretching puts oxygen in the body and heals....I am happy to say I am vibrantly healthy and happy to be alive. I am a true fighter and won my first battle of stage IV breast cancer and the second. I continue to fight everyday to be FREE of this dreadful disease. My goals have changed to fighting and getting healthy, and letting people know that they CAN and WILL LIVE normally with a good quality of life even with cancer. So NOW ‘LET’S TURN IT BACK ‘ and get that youthful skin again with Amazing You. I will be the Best I Can Be" and help others along the way! I am vibrantly healthy and happy to be alive Yeehaw! and Namaste!